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Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Directional Booster Kit

Condition: Seller Refurbished

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Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Directional Booster Kit

Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Directional Booster Kit

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Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Directional Booster Kit

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Package Includes:

  • Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Directional Booster
  • Inside Panel Antenna
  • Outside directional antenna
  • AC power supply
  • RG6 coax cable


  • Stronger cell signal indoors
  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
  • Faster data downloads
  • Clearer voice calls
  • Longer battery life for cellular devices


The Wilson DB Pro signal booster with yagi directional antenna significantly amplifies signals and enhances performance, resulting in wider coverage, reliable service, stronger signals, faster data speeds, fewer no-service dead zones and interruptions. It's smooth sailing (or calling, texting, emailing...) from here on out.

How It Works

Many homes and buildings include materials that reduce or block cellular signals. Sometimes, the physical location prevents a strong signal from reaching your home or office because of the location of cell towers, other structures, or environmental barriers such as hills or trees. The DB Pro captures a weak cellular signal, transmits it into your home or office, and boosts the signal strength to and from your cell phone, resulting in better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and increased data transmission rates.

The DB Pro uses three primary components – an outside antenna, the signal booster, and an inside antenna. The outside antenna, which is mounted outside of your building on a wall or the roof, captures the weak cellular signal from the nearest tower. It then transmits the signal to the signal booster, which increases the signal strength before transmitting it to the inside antenna. Your cell phone then picks up the improved signal from the inside antenna and transmits back to the inside antenna, through the signal booster and to the outside antenna, sending a stronger cellular signal back to the cell tower.

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Condition Seller Refurbished
SKU PL1-4116-462205-UG
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