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About Us

Who we are: Founded back in 2009 EGA collects highly motivated employees with years of experience in the retail sector and knowledge of knowing what the customer is searching for and how to provide it. Located in a suburb of Chicago called Skokie, EGA group can provide prompt delivery or orders to all parts of the country.  The motto at EGA Group is to focus on excellent service while providing a great product at an exceptional price.  We don’t believe the customer should pay more than is necessary and our prices reflect this. We employ smart and friendly staff and promote a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

What we do: We don’t believe in taking advantage of our customers so we strive to be honest and sincere about our products and service. We can do this by minimizing excess cost and passing the savings onto our customers. One of the ways we do this is by keeping the shipping rates low by stocking Bulk packaging instead of the costly retail packaging found at a typical big box chain store.  All items we sell come with a 30 day return/exchange policy on top of any outstanding warranties offered by the manufacturers. Warranty information can be found at the bottom of every product’s page.

How do we do it: With the economy as it is consumers are becoming more educated and knowledgeable in what they are looking for and how to get it.  EGA Group tries to supply the customer with valuable and precise information to answer any questions they might have. We encourage past customers to leave testimonials and reviews for every item to give the next potential customer as much information as they need to make their decision if the item is right for them.